Robert Brennan

About me

I'm a Software Engineer with degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Linguistics. I specialize in Developer Tools, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

What I'm up to

Lately I've been spending most of my time on OpenDevin, an open source project that uses LLMs to write software.

What I look like

My projects

I love building things. Below are a few projects that I've worked on, both on my own and with the help of others.


I'm the lead contributor on OpenDevin, an open source project that uses LLMs to write software. We have over 100 contributors and 1k daily downloads.

Fairwinds Insights

Fairwinds Insights is a platform for consolidating and operationalizing Kubernetes auditing tools. I worked with our CTO and VP of Strategy to conceptualize Insights, and built a team of engineers to implement it.

Long Answers

While working at Google, I wrote an algorithm to extract answers to open-ended questions, like "Why is the sky blue?" The algorithm was incorporated into Google Search in August 2013, and resulted in Patent US9940367B1.

World News

A visualization of headlines from The Economist

Stock Screener

A stock screener that I've heavily customized for my own needs

Written work

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I particularly enjoy technical writing and essays. I'm hoping to start writing more on Substack.

Banning Open-Weight Models Would be a Disaster

A response to NTIA's request for comments on AI policy

Kubernetes Without Scale: Reasons to Run a Personal Cluster

A two part series on Container Journal, on how to set up a personal Kubernetes cluster

5 Problems with Kubernetes Cost Estimation Strategies

An overview of difficulties that come up when estimating workload cost in Kubernetes